Tucson Artists' Open Studios

April 18 & 19, 2015 • 11:00 am until 5:00 pm

The Tucson Artists' Open Studios is an artitst-initiated community event. It's crucial that artists help promote the event to ensure success. Have more ideas? Email them in!

Promotional Ideas by artists, for artists.

These ideas all came from responses to the 2009 Artist Survey, in response to the essay question: "How can participating artists promote the Tucson Artists' Open Studios? How would you encourage them to do so?"

How many of these can you do? Consider this your encouragement to do so. Thanks!

Electronic and Print Media:

"Like" the Tucson Artists' Open Studios on Facebook.

Anyone in advertising/pr/tv work to put out press releases, organize press conferences, etc. Work with local media (large or small) to encourage people to attend. Try to get press to interview individual artists. Involve the other media downtown, such as Access Tucson. Email to offer your help in this area now.

Send Emails and Postcards:

Send info, either by snail mail or email, to your sphere of influence:
everyone on your mailing list:

  • all your customers
  • all your friends and family
  • all your professional contacts
  • all your gallery contacts
  • contacts in your neighborhood
  • listservs you belong to

... and ask them to bring friends!

(When e-mailing, use the BCC: feature to protect the privacy of your recipients.)

Use this annual opportunity to clean up your mailing list(s).

Send personal invitations.

The Personal Touch:

Put postcards and flyers in places you frequent and think would be relevant.

Go around to hotels in your area and make concierges aware of the event.

Distribute flyers or postcards to people you meet.

Make phone calls.

Talk It Up!

Word of mouth is always the most effective advertising.

If artists could talk about the Open Studios event with everyone they know, not just other artists, it might get the word around: at their church, club meetings, including artist guilds and groups, yoga classes, workout sessions, "girls' night out," or "men's' poker night," at work, the doctor's office; just anywhere one can think of to spread the news:

Talk it up to everyone you meet! Pass out flyers.

Actively invite people, talk about the whole tour, generate stories about your individual work.

Artists who teach could encourage their students to go.

Coordinate with Nearby Studios:

Get together with neighboring studios and coordinate activities and food, creating a kind of theme for your group.

In your own promotions, suggest other artists to visit. Invite recipients to reply back if they want more suggestions.

Create a group flyer for your area.

Paid Solutions:

Include the Tucson Artists’ Open Studios in your own advertising/promotion.

Advertising in some of the smaller cheaper sections of the Tucson newspaper ie: the zones sections that come out on Thursday.

Activities at Your Studio:

Offer food and entertainment/activities.

Make sure their studio is ready and clearly identified. Download a sign now.

Enlist friends to hang out all day and make it feel like a party.

Have affordable things for sale, or, if your work is expensive, do the work to get qualified buyers in that day.

Keep an email list sign-up sheet for people who walk in... and use it.

create action events, such as creating art on site (remember, visitors want to see you at work)

...and make it a party!

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